Abberior TDE Mounting Medium is a specimen mounting medium designed for use in high-resolution fluorescence microscopy, in particular when thick specimens are to be imaged. By matching the refractive index of the embedding medium to that of the oil/silicone/glycerol immersion liquid optical aberrations and scattering are minimized. As a result, light penetrates more deeply into the specimen and the imaging contrast is enhanced. These benefits are particularly beneficial in high-resolution imaging/ nanoscopy. TDE also has reducing properties which help against photobleaching. Antifade properties have been reported to be at least as good as other common antifade reagents. To see what users say about TDE embedding you may want to read this post on the Confocal Microscopy List... This information is provided without liability and may be subject to change without prior notification. Please note that customers need to sign our End-Use Declaration before we can ship any TDE products.