Abberior STAR 635P, carboxylic acid, 1 mg

Item number: ST635P-0001-1MG

Abberior STAR 635P was the first member of an entirely new class of fluorescent dyes introduced exclusively by Abberior: the class of phosphorylated fluorescent dye. The dye excels in its photophysical parameters: it is very bright, very stable and it enables basically background free imaging. The dye works exceptionally well with  Abberior Instruments STEDYCON and Expert Line Microscopes  and Leica STED microscopes. Abberior STAR 635P can substitute ATTO® 647N, Alexa Fluor® 647, or Cy5®. It can be excited with lasers at wavelength between 630 - 650 nm. For STED, a depletion wavelength around 750 - 800 nm is recommended. Abberior STAR 635P is the ideal partner for Abberior STAR 580 to obtain optimal 2 Color STED results. Best results are obtained with freshly prepared samples.

Selected references:

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Category: Infrared STED


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Organic fluorescent dye for microscopy.

Derivative: Carboxylic acid
Quantity: 1 mg
Excitation wavelength: 635 nm
STED wavelength: 775 nm

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