Abberior STAR 520SXP

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Abberior STAR 520SXP is a long Stokes-shift dye optimized for STED and confocal microscopy in the orange-red spectral range. It shows a Stokes-shift of approx. 80 nm. As all long Stokes-shift dyes, it shows board excitation and emission band: It can be excited between 490 - 550nm and emits between 600- 720nm. For STED microscopy, Abberior STAR 520SXP can be most efficiently used with STED Laser wavelengths between 750 - 800 nm. Abberior STAR 520SXP is designed and tested for multicolor STED microscopy in combination with Abberior STAR 580 and Abberior STAR 635P using a single STED wavelength (775 nm). Abberior STAR 520SXP can substitute dyes like DY-520XL or DY-521XL. The hydrophilic properties of Abberior STAR 520SXP conjugates reduce unspecific binding of this dye and thus decrease undesired background fluorescence. Best results are obtained with freshly prepared samples.

Selected references:

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