Abberior STAR 488

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Abberior STAR 488 was developed for STED and confocal microscopy in the green spectral region. It is a bright green fluorescent dye. The dye works extremely well with Abberior Instruments Expert Line Microscopes and Leica STED microscopes. It can be very effectively excited with the prominent 488 nm laser line. For STED microscopy, Abberior STAR 488 can be efficiently used with STED Laser wavelengths between 585-605 nm. Abberior STAR 488 can substitute dyes like Oregon Green 488, ATTO 488 or Alexa Fluor 488. Abberior STAR 488 is the ideal partner for Abberior STAR 440SXP to obtain optimal 2 Color STED results. Best results are obtained with freshly prepared samples.

Selected references:

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