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Abberior STAR 440SXP is a long Stokes-shift dye optimized for STED and confocal microscopy in the blue-green spectral range. It shows a Stokes-shift of approx. 80 nm. As all long Stokes-shift dyes, it shows broad excitation and emission band: It can be excited between 400 - 470 nm and emits between 490 - 550 nm. For STED microscopy, Abberior STAR 440SXP can be most efficiently used with STED Laser wavelengths between 590 - 610 nm. It is therefore well suited for 2 Color STED imaging and is also recommended by Leica Microsystems for use in the Leica TCS STED CW or TCS SP8 STED microscope. It can substitute dyes like ATTO® 425 or BD Horizon® V500. After conjugation with proteins, the quantum yield remains very high. The hydrophilic properties of Abberior STAR 440SXP conjugates preclude unspecific binding of this dye and thus decrease undesired background fluorescence. Best results are obtained with freshly prepared samples.

Selected references:

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Leica Microsystems recommendations for 2 Color applications

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