Abberior LIVE 510, tubulin, 50 g

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Abberior LIVE 510 is a dye designed for live-cell STED and confocal microscopy. Its molecular structure renders the dye strongly fluorogenic and facilitates its ability to overcome cell membranes. It can be optimally excited between 485 and 520 nm. For STED, a depletion wavelength between 580 - 600 nm is recommended. Conjugates of Abberior LIVE 510 enable live-cell labeling of proteins and other biological structures e.g. mitochondria or tubulin cytoskeleton.

Selected references:

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Fluorescent dye conjugate of cabazitaxel are used to label tubulin in a living cell.

Quantity: 50 g
Excitation wavelength: 510 nm
STED wavelength: 595 nm

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