Abberior CAGE 500

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Abberior CAGE 500 is a caged dye which is initially colorless and nonfluorescent. When illuminated with UV light it undergoes a rapid uncaging reaction and releases a highly fluorescent dye which fluoresces at 512 nm.

Abberior CAGE 500 is designed for single-molecule photoswitching microscopy modes such as PALM, STORM and GSDIM and, in its uncaged form, also performs well in STED microscopy. It performs very well in the Leica GSD microscope and other superresolution microscopes as Nikon N-Storm, particularly as a 2 Color partner with CAGE 552 or FLIP 565.

Further, after photoactivation, Abberior CAGE 500 can be tracked to analyze molecular dynamics such as diffusion, flow directions and velocities (e.g. are tracking experiments in which the fluorescence signal is observed over time after the initial release of the fluorophore).

Selected references:

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