2C-Pack IR

The package contains Abberior STAR 580 and Abberior STAR RED, which are testified to be used as 2-color STED dye pairs. The great advantage is to use two regular and very photostable dyes, no long-Stokes shift dyes are needed. Abberior STAR RED is our favorite dye for STED microscopy in the infrared spectral region (Exc. 620 - 650 nm/ STED 750 - 780 nm). Abberior STAR 580 (Exc. 550 - 590 nm) enables 2-color STED with one laser wavelength at ~750nm - 775nm. The dye pairs are tested and verified for the Abberior Instruments 2C STED 775 QUAD Scan microscope.
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