Abberior Instruments



  • Bright green fluorescent dye.
  • Exceptional photostability.
  • Low unspecific labeling.
  • It can be very effectively excited with the 488 nm laser.
  • For STED microscopy the dye can be used together with a STED laser @ 595 nm.

3 color STED and confocal imaging with the most recent addition to our portfolio: Abberior STAR GREEN.
For the sample Vimentin was labelled with Abberior STAR GREEN (green), NUPs with Abberior STAR 580 (red) and peroxisomes with Abberior STAR RED (gray).
Imaged with an Abberior Instruments microscope.


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Abberior CAGE 552 facilitates smFRET at physiological concentration levels.

Recently, Sijia Peng et al. (Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. in English demonstrated) the advantages of single molecule photoactivation FRET (sm-PAFRET) using Abberior CAGE 552 as photo-switchable donor. Unlike conventional smFRET, this novel easy-to-implement technique allows to work close to physiological concentrations revealing new molecular mechanisms in the field of gene expression biology.

Leading microscope vendors have succesfully tested Abberior dyes and provide references:

  • Leica recommends Abberior STAR dyes for STED.
  • Abberior STAR dyes for 2 Color STED
  • Abberior CAGE dyes for Leica GSD.
  • Zeiss have successfully tested Abberior dyes. 
  • Abberior CAGE dyes for Zeiss PALM.
  • Nikon have successfully tested Abberior dyes.
  • Abberior CAGE and Abberior FLIP dyes for 2 Color Nikon N-STORM.
  • Abberior Instruments recommends Abberior STAR dyes for STED.
  • Abberior STAR dyes for 2 Color STED.