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Abberior LIVE 510 is one member of a new class of live-cell dyes developed by Abberior. The striking feature of this dye series is their cell permeability, enabling live-cell experiments. Abberior LIVE 510 can be excited between 480 and 520 nm. Additionally, the dye is highly photostable and delivers excellent STED imaging results with a STED wavelength of 580 to 600 nm.
The LIVE dye series offers unique labeling options - live-cell imaging with organic dyes now becomes possible! The LIVE dyes combine the best of two worlds: (i) organic dyes with the highest brightness & photostability among all fluorescent markers, and (ii) live-cell labeling out of the box.


Confocal and STED microscopy images of tubulin stained with LIVE 510 tubulin (cabazitaxel) in living human fibroblasts. Overview (left), close-up (right). The image was taken with an Abberior Instruments STED microscope.


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Confocal microscopy time lapse of tubulin filaments stained with LIVE 510 tubulin (cabazitaxel) in living human fibroblasts. Recorded were 480 frames at 180 sec intervals (total: 24 hours). The movie was recorded with an Abberior Instruments STED microscope.


  • Cell-permeable
  • Bright & photostable
  • Ideal for STED microscopy @ 580-600 nm

Absorption & Fluorescence Spectrum

> Download spectral data (CSV format)

 Chemical Data (LIVE 510 acid)

Chemical Structure: on request
Molecular Formula: C25H14F8N2O5
Molecular Weight: 574.38 g/mol
Exact Mass: 574.08 Da


PBS, pH 7.5; DMF; DMSO; aq. acetonitrile; MeOH
Polarity: polar (zwitterionic)
Net Charge (at pH 7.4): 0
Content: > 90 %

Photophysical Data (LIVE 510

Absorption Maximum, λabs, nm: 498 (PBS, pH 7.5; water)
Fluorescence Maximum, λfl, nm:

529 (PBS, pH 7.5; water)

Extinction Coefficient, ε, M-1cm-1 79 000 (PBS, pH 7.5; water)
Correction Factor,
CF260 = ε260max
on request
Correction Factor,
CF280 = ε280max:
on request
Recommended STED
Wavelength, λSTED, nm: 
580 - 600
Fluorescence Quantum
Yield, η:
0.94 (PBS, pH 7.5; water)
Fluorescence Lifetime, τ 3.8 ns (PBS, pH 7.5; water)

Further Information

Storage instructions
Our dyes are shipped at room temperature. actin (jasplakinolide)/ tubulin (cabazitaxel)/ NHS ester/ maleimide/ azide conjugates should be stored at -20°C and in the dark. For extended time periods we recommend to aliquot the dyes and to store them at -20 °C to -80 °C. Repeated freeze-thaw cycles should be avoided !

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Confocal (left) and STED (right) microscopy image of tubulin stained with LIVE 510 tubulin (cabazitaxel) in living human fibroblasts. The image was taken with an Abberior Instruments STED microscope.

Abberior LIVE 510

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