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 Labeled primary antibodies - Miltenyi Biotec primary antibodies conjugated to Abberior dyes

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Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014 for Stefan W. Hell

The Abberior team congratulates its co-founder Prof. Stefan W. Hell for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014.

On October 8th, the Royal Swedish Academy has anounced that Stefan W. Hell receives the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014 for the development of super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.
For more information see www.nobelprize.org.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Stefan!

Abberior offers fluorescent dyes and labels that are exceptionally well suited for superresolution microscopy such as STED, GSD, PALM, STORM, GSDIM, SIM, and RESOLFT. They also give outstanding results in confocal and epifluorescence microscopy as well as in single-molecule applications. Our mission is to become the leading supplier for fluorescent labels in superresolution microscopy/nanoscopy.

>Overview of Abberior Labels<

Leading microscope vendors have succesfully tested Abberior dyes and provide references:

  • Zeiss have successfully tested Abberior dyes.
  • Abberior CAGE dyes for Zeiss PALM.
  • Nikon have successfully tested Abberior dyes.
  • Abberior CAGE and FLIP dyes for 2-color Nikon N-STORM.
  • Abberior Instruments recommends successfully tested STAR dyes for STED.
  • STAR dyes for 2-color STED.


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