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NEW: Abberior LIVE dye series

Combine the advantage of organic dyes - high photostability & brightness - with the ability of live-cell labeling:

  • LIVE dyes are designed for cell permeability
  • LIVE dyes are optimized for live-cell STED & confocal imaging
  • Conjugates are tested for specific targets: tubulin, actin, lysosomes
  • Also available as NHS ester, carboxylic acid, maleimide and azide
  • Green & red fluorescent tags

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Confocal microscopy time lapse of actin filaments stained with LIVE 510 actin (jasplakinolide) in living human fibroblasts. Recorded were 480 frames at 60 sec intervals (total: 8 hours). The movie was recorded with an Abberior Instruments STED microscope.

NEW: New conjugates & derivatives available for all Abberior superresolution dyes!

Abberior extends its product portfolio to allow a wider range of applications such as membrane labelling or biotin-streptavidin/Neutravidin binding assays.


Phospholipids: Try the new Abberior dye-labelled phospholipids DOPE, DPPE, C12 Sphingosyl PE (d17:1/12:0) for your membrane labelling experiments!

Biotin: All Abberior dyes are now available coupled to biotin to be used for fluorescent labelling of avidin/Streptavidin/Neutravidin-conjugated molecules.

Streptavidin/Neutravidin: Target your biotin-labelled molecule of interest with our new Abberior dye Streptavidin and Neutravidin conjugates.

Carboxylic acid: Make your own Abberior dye derivatives/conjugates with our carboxylic acids!

New secondary antibody specificities: We now offer goat anti-rat IgG, goat anti-guinea pig IgG and goat anti-chicken IgY conjugated to all Abberior dyes.


Order directly from our webshop!

Overview of Abberior labels

Leading microscope vendors have succesfully tested Abberior dyes and provide references:

  • Zeiss have successfully tested Abberior dyes.
  • Abberior CAGE dyes for Zeiss PALM.
  • Nikon have successfully tested Abberior dyes.
  • Abberior CAGE and FLIP dyes for 2-color Nikon N-STORM.
  • Abberior Instruments recommends successfully tested STAR dyes for STED.
  • STAR dyes for 2-color STED.